Getting registered

We would like you to know first and foremost that we value your privacy. Any personal information requested is simply used for demographic purposes. This helps us to better know our audience in the long run. 

Don't want to include all profile information?
If you are uncomfortable providing your address information on the registration page, you can just put NA in the fields. For the phone number field, you can just enter one number 10 times - like 5555555555, for example..

If your username is not being accepted when attempting to register, then try creating one that is slightly more complex (add numbers, etc.). If you enter too simple of a username, there's a good chance that it has already been used/taken by another registered user.

The username should also just be a letters and numbers - no symbols, or spaces

The password can be just about anything, even just a six-letter word, without any numbers or capital letters required.

Email Address
Your email address is needed so that we have a way of sending you emails if you forget your username and/or password at any point in time, as well as if we need to assist you with anything through a support ticket. 

Note that if you try to submit registration and it doesn't go through, the password will automatically reset to blank when the page refreshes.

This does not mean that there is an issue with the password - it likely means one of the following:

1. There is an error with how one or more of the other fields is being entered (scroll up and down page and look for any error messages next to either of the fields).

2. If the registration won't go through and you have already checked to confirm that all fields are filled in properly (no error messages), then you likely need to update your browser, or try switching to a different browser at least just for the registration to go through.

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