Finding your way around Rabbit TV

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Here's a quick breakdown on how to find everything you're looking for on Rabbit TV Plus:

When you log in to Rabbit TV Plus, you will arrive at the "Popular TV Shows" page, which includes links to some of the more popular cable TV shows, available on-demand. 
At the top of every site page, you will see the Rabbit TV Plus Toolbar, which includes drop-down menus for "TV", "Movies", "Live Channels", "Music" and more. Scroll over "Live Channels" and select "TV Channels" to view our live channel guide. 

Just below the video player, you'll see a drop-down menu, which you can click on to select from several different live channel categories. Once you select a genre like "Comedy" for example, you should also see a second drop-down menu appear to the right, allowing you to choose a more specific comedy-related category (like "Latest", "Comedy Icons" and more).

Also below the player, is a list of some of the other channels currently available - just use the scroll bar to see all the channels listed there.

Then click the channel you want and it will start playing in the video player above.

You can also channel surf by simply clicking the surf button, which is located just to the right of the live channel drop-down menu.

Keep scrolling down the homepage to see the image slides for TV Networks, Most Watched, Popular Broadcast TV, Popular Spanish ShowsNew Free Movies and more. Click on any of these shows or movies to get taken to its respective page.


You can click on the white arrow link next to the header if each image slider to view more from that genre or category. just above each set of image slides, to see what else is currently available in that category or genre.

Rabbit TV Toolbar


You can use the Rabbit TV Toolbar to search for a specific show or movie, or use the drop-down menus to find additional sections and genres for movies, TV shows, live events and channels, pay-per-view content, music and games.

TV Shows - This will take you to the main page for finding TV shows, which includes image slides for various TV show genres. On this page, we'll also feature new episodes of popular shows that just became available.

Click Here to learn more about TV Shows on Rabbit TV

Movies - This will take you to the main movies page, which will feature popular movies that just became available online, as well as several
image slides for genres like Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Comedy, Classic and more.

Click Here to learn more about Movies on Rabbit TV

Pay-Per-View - Follow this link to see what all is available for purchase online. This PPV content is not included for free with your Rabbit TV subscription.

Click Here to learn more about Pay-per-view content on Rabbit TV

Live Sports & Events - Click on this button to see what live events are streaming on that particular day, and to see what's coming up later in the week.

Click Here to learn more about Live Sports & Events on Rabbit TV

News - You can find news content in a few different places on Rabbit TV.

Click Here to learn more about news content on Rabbit TV

Music - Follow this link to view radio stations, music videos and music documentaries that are available

Games - This section will include popular online games, including games relating to TV shows, kids games and more


There is all sorts of content available for kids on Rabbit TV. Scroll over KIDS on the Rabbit TV Toolbar to select from "Kids Movies", "Kids TV" and "Kids Games". Each of these have their own page.

If you select "Kids TV", you'll be brought to a page that features new episodes of current shows at the top, as well as image sliders below that for "Cartoons", "Nickelodeon", "Cartoon Network", "Disney" and more.

The same goes with the Kids Movies section, as newly-added kids movies will be featured at the top of the page, with various images sliders to also choose from below.


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