How to Create a Login Shortcut on Chrome (Windows)

NOTE: When creating the shortcut the way you see below, it will automatically save and open with the browser that is set as the default on your machine.

So if you would like to make sure it gets saved to open up with Firefox automatically, just make sure Firefox is also set as your default browser.
How to Create Login Shortcut On Google Chrome

1. Copy the following URL for the Rabbit TV login page -

(Highlight the URL > right-click and select Copy OR highlight URL and use "cntrl+c" keyboard shortcut)

2. Go to your main desktop screen > Right-click on any empty space on your main desktop screen

> Drag your mouse over "New" > Select "Shortcut" from the other menu that appears

3. A new window will pop up asking you to "type the location of item"

> Right-click in that box and select "Paste" (or click in the box and use "cntrl+v" keyboard shortcut to paste)

4. After the URL is pasted into that box click "Next"

5. In the next screen that appears type "Rabbit TV" as the name of the shortcut

> Then click "Finish"


6. You will then see a Rabbit TV shortcut icon appear on your main desktop screen. Double-click that icon each time you want to open Rabbit TV.

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