Where can I find live content?

Live Channel Guide

Just like cable, the live channels on Rabbit TV Plus are scheduled programming available 24/7. Some of our live channels are happening as you watch, and others are pre-recorded and delivered in a live format.

When a certain live channel is already showing in the video player, you will also see a another list of live channels just below that video player.

You can select from those various channels - Just click the channel name or description to start playing it - and can also use the drop-down menu (seem image below) to select from a wide range of live channel categories.

To channel surf, simply click on the small icon that shows an upward and downward-pointing arrow.


Live Sports / Events Section

Visit this section to see our Live Events calendar, which will include what's streaming live that day, as well as what's coming up later in the week. If a major sporting or entertainment event is streaming live online, you should be able to find it here.

To get to the Live Events Calendar:

Scroll over "LIVE CHANNELS" on the Rabbit TV Toolbar > Select "Sports / Events"

On the Live Events page, you will see featured events coming up in the image sliders. Below that, you can view the full live events calendar. Notice that there is also a tab you can select to view "Upcoming Live Events" as well as "Replay Events".

Local US Channels

In this section you will find mostly local news stations, listed under each state. Some of these stations have live-streaming news at certain times of the day, while others have on-demand news clips available from the last day or so. This will vary among the different local news providers.

World Channels

In this section you will find stations (many of which are news-related) for several countries across the world. Just scroll down to find the country you're looking for and you'll see a list of available networks listed under that country.

Below the image slides, which include some featured channels for certain countries, you can find the full list of world channels, organized alphabetically.


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