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We work to gather all of the free / readily-available content online. However, when certain content is not available for free online, we still want to provide our users with the cheapest-available options. As an online media guide, it's our goal to guide you to everything you're looking to watch online, no matter what.

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"Order Now" Button
Pay-per-view content will be clearly identified with a green heading, so that you know it requires a fee in order watch. When you select a movie or show that requires a fee, you will be brought to a page with a green "Order Now" button.

Why is there a "Watch Free" and "Order Now" button for the same show?
You will notice that some shows have both a Red Watch Now button and a Green Order Now button on their page. This usually means that there are some episodes available for free - but if they are not the episodes you're looking for, you have the option to purchase them individually, or by full seasons.


Pay-Per-View Content

To see the different pay-per-view sections available in our guide, just scroll over "Pay Per View" on the Toolbar. You can then select from PPV Movies, Series, Live Sports, Foreign Channels, Spiritual Channels and Premium Services.


Pay-Per-View Movies
If a particular movie is not available for free online, our guide will likely direct you to a page with the "Order Now" option, so you will have the option to purchase that movie through Amazon Instant Video, or another available ppv provider.

The latest DVD releases will usually be available for purchase only, as they are rarely made available for free online.

On the Pay-per-view Movies page we will feature new releases that just became available to purchase online.


Pay-Per-View Series

If you are looking for a particular TV or web series that is not available to watch for free online, visit our PPV Series section. Here, you will see featured series available in the main image sliders at the top of the page, as well as sections below for "Popular Premium Shows", "HBO Shows", "AMC Shows", "Premium TV Classics" and more.


When you select any series from this page, you will be brought to a show page with a green "Order Now" button. Just click on that button if you would like to purchase an individual episode, or a full season, through Amazon Instant Video.

You will be able to confirm the price for one episode or one full season of that show before following through with any payment information.

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