Link Isn't Working

While we do our best to make everything run as smoothly as possible, some things do slip through the cracks. If you encounter any problems with getting to a particular page, it may be because a link is broken, in which case we encourage you to let us know. 

Signs of a Broken Link

  • Directs you to a blank page
  • Says "page cannot be found"
  • Directs you to the wrong video or show page
  • Link is non-clickable

How to Report a Broken Link
Again, if you come across a broken link, we want you to let us know. To report a broken link, just scroll down to the very bottom of whatever members page you're currently on and click on Report A Broken Link, in between the Home and Recommend A Channel links.

We'll simply ask you to provide your name and email as well the page of the broken link and a quick description of the issue you're having. After you have filled out this basic information and typed the two words in the Captcha box, click on the Submit button.