Can I access Rabbit TV on my device without the app?

While you can download the Rabbit TV mobile app for free on nearly any iOS or Android device, we understand some users want to see the site just how it appears on a desktop, from their smartphone or tablet device.

But if you try to view our full site from just any mobile browser, you'll just reach a page asking you to download the Rabbit TV Plus app. 

In order to view the full site from your device you'll need to download the Puffin mobile browser, which is available for free in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the Apple Store for iOS devices. Just visit either of those app stores on your device and search "Puffin".

You can then select the free version like you see below.


After the Puffin download is complete, it should open open the browser automatically on your device, and will save a Puffin icon to your phone's app menu as well. In the Puffin address bar just visit to sign in to your registered account.
Once you're logged in, you can also utilize the Puffin mouse and track pad feature, to easily navigate the drop-down menus from the Rabbit TV Toolbar. Just tap the small mouse image/icon in the very bottom left corner of the Puffin screen, and this will bring up the track pad.
Move your finger around on the mouse pad and you'll see the cursor moving around the page as well. You can use that to select categories from the toolbar, and then select subcategories from the drop-down menu.