How to Use Rabbit TV Support

O. How to Use Rabbit TV Support
Rabbit TV Knowledge Base - The Rabbit TV Support Knowledge Base is broken down into six sections (excluding How to Use Rabbit TV Support), all of which are designed to assist you with any issue or concern you may have regarding the site.

Getting Started

This should be the first support section you look at after getting your Rabbit TV USB device. Among the topics covered in Getting Started include system requirements, Rabbit TV Installation and How to Enable AutoRun.

Basically, this is where you’ll go to find out exactly what you need to get the most out of your Rabbit TV experience.

Installing Rabbit TV

This section will instruct you on how to resolve any install issues you may encounter. Just follow the instructions, based on your particular issue.

Logging In

This folder will instruct you on how to resolve any login issues you may have. Whether you need to enable cookies, clear your cache, or if you just forgot your password, this is where you should go for quick resolves.

Technical Support

If you’re wondering how to install/update software or just how to make things run a little more smoothly on your computer, Technical Support is the section you need to visit. This is also where you’ll want to go if you’re having any log-in issues.


Any questions or concerns you may have regarding content on Rabbit TV will be answered in this section.

Video Players

Visit this section to make sure your video players are up to date and also to learn how to resolve any video player issues.

Connecting To Your TV

Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to hook your computer up to your TV, so you can watch Rabbit TV on the big screen.


If you have any privacy concerns in regards to your personal info (email, username, password), visit this section.

Live Chat- In the top right corner of the Support page, you’ll see a box labeled “Live Chat”. If you cannot find the solution to your problem in our knowledge base, you can click on this box to begin a live chat with a Rabbit TV agent. Just provide us with your name and question and a Rabbit TV agent will get back to you within a few minutes during normal operating hours (Monday - Sunday, 9am ET – 12am ET).

Submit a Ticket - If you’re having an issue with Rabbit TV and you can’t find a solution in our knowledge base, you can submit a ticket to get support from a Rabbit TV agent. Simply provide us with your name and email as well as the topic you’re having trouble with and a brief description of your issue. Then click Submit Ticket.

News - Go here to find out about new updates and changes to Rabbit TV.

How-to Videos - Visit this section for instructional videos to guide you through installation and some other important steps. 

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