B. Rabbit TV Device Installation

A. Getting Started
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Installation Instructions for Rabbit TV

(NOTE: You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to view the brief tutorial videos on this page. Click Here to find the download for Adobe Flash Player)

1. Plug the Rabbit TV USB device into a USB port on your computer.

2. Installation will vary based on your current operating system. Listed below are Rabbit TV installation instructions for various operating systems. (Click Here to view instructions for Mac)

(CLICK HERE for Install Images)

Installation Instructions for Retail Store Purchases

Windows > After plugging in the device, give it a minute for the Rabbit TV device to load up. You should then see an AutoPlay window open up.

Click “Run Rabbit TV (see Screen 1 at the bottom of page)



Installation Instructions for Devices Purchased Online or Over Phone


Windows 8 > Click “Tap to choose what happens with this disc". You should see an AutoPlay window.

> Click “Run Rabbit TV (see Screen 1 at the bottom of





Windows 7 / Windows Vista > An AutoPlay menu should appear.

Click “Run Rabbit TV” (see Screen 1 at the bottom of page)





Windows XP > It Should automatically start on Screen 2 at the bottom of this page.
> Go to next step
(If you get Screen 1 instead of Screen 2, click "Run Rabbit TV")


Mac Users           


3. Click “Start” on the Rabbit TV start button (see Screen 2 below).

-After starting Rabbit TV for the first time, you’ll be brought to a registration page where you will need to enter your information prior to using Rabbit TV (you’ll only be required to do this once).

-After successfully completing registration, you will be able to log in with the username and password you created.

4. Enjoy Rabbit TV!

Installation images for Windows 7, Vista and XP


Screen 1

Screen 2


Screen 3

Screen 4

Installation images for Windows 8  

Image 1

Image 2

Not seeing anything after plugging in your Rabbit TV device? CLICK HERE

*Under the Rabbit TV folder icon, you may notice the line “Published by SamLogic Software”. SamLogic is simply a program used to properly load the start menu from your Rabbit TV USB. The software will not be installed on your system.

[Note: This installation process only needs to be completed once. Next time you want to run Rabbit TV, simply run your device, or follow the link below to the login page]




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