Why can't I log in?

Having trouble logging in?
  1. If you are receiving an "Invalid username and password combo, please try again" error, you may want to try resetting your password. To request a password reset email just click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the main login page.

    (Remember that your username is your registered email address)

  2. If the login screen just refreshes when you try to log in (no error message), Click Here to make sure your Internet browser is updated.
  3. Getting an error message about cookies not being enabled? Click Here to enable cookies on your browser.
    (After enabling cookies, close out your browser windows and then restart the browser)
  4. Still having trouble logging in? Click Here to clear your browser cache.
    (After the cache has been cleared, close out your browser windows and restart the browser).
  5. If you're having trouble getting registered, Click Here.
  6. Are you a Hughes Net or Dish Net user? If so, Click here to learn how to resolve any login issues.