Where can I find content for my kids to watch?

There are numerous places in the Rabbit TV guide where you can find content for your kids to watch...

Where can I find kids movies?
To find kids movies on the Rabbit TV Plus site, just scroll over KIDS on the Rabbit TV Toolbar and select "Kids Movies".

Where can I find kids TV shows?
To find kids shows, just scroll over the KIDS tab on the Rabbit TV Plus toolbar and select "Kids TV". You can also view more options by scrolling over "TV" on the Rabbit TV Toolbar, then hover over "More Channels" and select "Family".

Where can I find live channels for kids to watch?

To find live channels for kids, just select LIVE CHANNELS from the Rabbit TV Plus Toolbar. Then in the live channel menu below the video player, select "Family & Kids". 

From there, you can also choose subcategories for live kids channels such as "Ages 4-7", "Animation", "Infants & toddlers" and more.