How to Find TV Shows on Rabbit TV Plus

When navigating the Rabbit TV Plus site, note that you can find TV shows and other content in a variety of places. 

TV Shows On-demand

The vast majority of content on Rabbit TV Plus is available on-demand (not live).

You can search for any TV show or movie you're looking for in the Rabbit TV Plus search bar, which is located near the top left corner of every page. 

If it pulls up results for that show, you can then visit its respective TV show page and click the red Watch Free button to start viewing an episode. You can also search for movies using the same search bar. 

You can also choose from different categories under the "TV" drop-down menu to see options for "TV Shows", "TV Classics", "Local US Channels" and more. 

(Note: some networks and content providers will provide more freely-available episodes than others)

TV Shows under Live Channels section

When you visit the Live Channels section on Rabbit TV Plus, you can choose from a wide range of different channel categories, including "TV", "Movies", "Sports", "Comedy" and more.

After choosing one of these categories, you will usually have the option to choose a subcategory as well - like "Internet TV Channels", "Networks", etc. 

Just like cable, the live channels on Rabbit TV Plus are scheduled programming available 24/7. Some of our live channels are happening as you watch, and others are pre-recorded and delivered in a live format. 

Some live channels will also be compiled of various show clips, which will continue running in the 24/7 live player.