How can I view Rabbit TV Plus on my tablet or smartphone?

The easiest way to view Rabbit TV Plus on your smartphone or tablet device is using our mobile app. 

If you are using an Android device, visit the Google Play Store and search "Rabbit TV" to find and download the app. If you are using an iPhone or other iOS device, visit the App Store on that device and search "Rabbit TV". 

But the site looks different on the app, compared to the how it appears on my desktop/laptop?

The mobile app for Rabbit TV Plus will have a different look and feel than the normal desktop site. Some content providers do not have their shows, movies and/or channels fully optimized to for viewing on our mobile platform, so there is naturally a more limited selection. 

However, there are still thousands of freely-available channels, and other pay-per-view and subscription-based content available on the mobile app, at all times. 
Is there any way to view the site on my tablet or smartphone, just how it appears on my desktop/laptop?

There is a way for you to view the regular Rabbit TV Plus site from your smartphone or tablet. But to do so, you will need to install the Puffin mobile web browser from your app store. 

After installing and opening the Puffin browser on your device, just visit the Rabbit TV Plus login page using the link / address below to access your account. The site should then look the same as it does from a desktop or laptop.

   For more help with using Rabbit TV Plus on your mobile device, Click Here

(Note that not all content you select is going to be fully viewable from your device as it is from your desktop or laptop.)