Why are some shows and episodes not available with Rabbit TV Plus?

While we try to gather every last bit of available content online, there are some content providers who are more restrictive with their shows and/or movies. Most of the popular cable networks will offer some free content online, in which case it will certainly be added to the Rabbit TV Plus library.

When it comes to show availability online - most content providers will usually make the most recent episodes of their shows available online starting either the very next day after they premiere, or later on in the week. ABC and FOX, for example, will make the most recent episode available 7-8 days from the original premiere date.

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You will also notice that certain networks ask you to sign in through a cable or satellite provider in order to unlock all or some of their content online. When this prompt appears, know that it is the actual content provider (ABC, CBS, ESPN, etc) requesting that information, and not Rabbit TV Plus.

Unfortunately, since we do not own or host any content on the site, we do not have control over the authentication restrictions from those select providers.

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No "Watch Free" button available, only "Buy/Rent"

If when you reach a show or movie page, you only see a green "Buy/Rent", and not a red "Watch Free" button, then it likely means that this show or movie is not available for free online. In which case, the "Buy/Rent" button will direct you to the cheapest-available option for purchase.

Usually, this will be Amazon Instant Video and they will give you the ability to purchase individual episodes, or full seasons of a show.

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