Free Movies vs PPV Movies on Rabbit TV Plus

While Rabbit TV Plus works to gather all freely-available movies online, there are some titles that are not available for free through any content providers. So, when a certain movie is not made available for free online, we try to link you to the cheapest-available option for purchase - in case you are still interested in buying/renting that movie (also applies with TV shows).

How do I know whether or not a movie is free or pay-per-view?

When you choose any of the movie categories (Action, Comedy, Drama, etc), it will bring you to a page for that specific genre. The movies appearing on that page will be completely free to watch.

However, toward the bottom of each movie genre page, will also be an image slider for pay-per-view movies relating to that genre. - These will have a yellow/gold heading that says "Pay-per-view"

When you select a PPV movie, the movie page will include only a green "Buy/Rent" button. That button will direct you to Amazon Instant Video where the movie is available for purchase.

If a movie is available to watch for free, there will always be a red "Watch Free" button on its movie page.

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