What can I watch LIVE with Rabbit TV Plus?

You can find live content in a few places on Rabbit TV Plus...

Live Channel Guide
You can access this section from the Rabbit TV Plus homepage simply by selecting "Channels" > Then just choose the channel category you're looking for.

You can also get to this section using the Rabbit TV Plus Toolbar / drop-down menu. Just scroll over "LIVE" and then select "TV Channels". This will bring you to the same section as mentioned above.

"How are these channels live? I don't understand?"
Just like cable, the live channels on Rabbit TV Plus are scheduled programming available 24/7. Some of our live channels are happening as you watch, and others are pre-recorded and delivered in a live format.

Live Sports & Events Section
In this section, you can find actual live-streaming events that are available online. They will be listed in a Live Events calendar, which is updated daily, if not once every few days. You can also find "Replay Events" in this section.

To learn more about all available live content from the Rabbit TV Plus library, Click Here