Just Bought Rabbit TV Plus. Do I need a USB device?

I purchased Rabbit TV Plus from RabbitTVPlus.com. Don't I need a Rabbit TV USB device?

When you purchase Rabbit TV Plus from RabbitTVPlus.com, your account will be instantly activated upon completion of payment.

You can then log in and access your Rabbit TV Plus account at any time, simply by visiting the main login page (see link below).

Rabbit TV Plus Login Page - https://rtv2.rabbittvgo.com/

Will a Rabbit TV USB device work directly with my TV? What about if it's a Smart TV?

The Rabbit TV USB device will not work if plugged directly into your TV, as it requires a computer or laptop with a Windows or mac operating system. It also will not work on Smart TV's as it requires a fully-functional browser that supports Adobe Flash Player-based content.

In order to watch Rabbit TV Plus from your actual TV, you can use an HDMI cable to establish the connection. Or, you can also use something like Chromecast or a mini-PC device to stream content to your TV, without having to directly connect a cable between your computer and TV.

To learn more about how to connect to your TV, Click Here.